Customer-driven Brand

We are a customer-driven brand. We have said this many times over because it’s true. The growth of Chennaigaga as a brand has largely been through word of mouth and also because of the feedback we have received from our customers.

We faced a few grievances in terms of the t-shirt fit at first, and also the lack of availability of certain themes which our customers said they would have liked to see in our offering. We often received requests and suggestions from customers, which we did our best to act upon.

For example, the fit and sizing of our T-shirts and especially the ladies’ T-shirts, has undergone numerous changes over the years. We are now on Version 6 and quite settled here(!). The fit was the issue and many women complained that it was not a ‘practical’ fit even though we had followed tried and tested patterns. One of our regular customers then brought an old T-shirt of hers, the fit of which she said was very good, and asked us to consider that pattern for ladies’ T-shirts. She added that a few tweaks were all that was needed to make our tees an apt fit.

While we were a bit taken aback at her gesture at first, we were also completely in awe of the interest she had taken in our brand and grateful too. Moreover, we could see merit in her suggestion since we had been following ‘regular’ ladies’ fits and she was presenting us with a slightly different pattern. 

At the factory, we made a few samples and tried them out. We knew that one size wouldn’t fit all women, nor would one pattern suit all women, but the new samples seemed more promising and so we rolled it out. It was a success!

The customer we speak about is Mrs Priya from Alwarpet. She has been such a great well-wisher too!

Many thanks to her for her interest and contribution.  

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