Do Not Drink and Drive!

From the Founder’s Notes:

Here’s a topic that people are not always comfortable to address. But just like we always urge people to wear helmets, we would also urge people to behave responsibly if / when they consume alcohol. There are certain things we can all do to make this world a safer and better place with minimum effort and mindfulness.

Not all our designs are about saleability. We create some just because the message is close to our heart and because it would (hopefully) benefit many.

We have the ‘Thala da - Helmet Podu’ artwork that addresses the need for helmets for those who travel by bike -- whether rider, or pillion rider, or child. We also have a ‘Plant Trees’ artwork designed to serve as a reminder for people to plant trees as well as to also protect them. There are plenty more causes we are yet to lend our voice to, but we will get around to it soon.

Here's one we have already addressed: the ‘Do not Drink and Drive’ design on a mug.

Alcohol consumption in any quantity impairs your judgement, balance and decision. Naturally then, one has no business driving a vehicle of any kind. They don’t use the phrase ‘under the influence’ for no reason! The main thing to be aware and accepting of is that NO one is free of the influence just because they ‘think’ they can handle it or manage it well. Or just because they hold their drinks better than others do. This is delusional thinking to say the least, and at least for the sake of others’ lives and livelihoods, those who drink should stay put in a safe place. Safe for themselves and all others too!

This caricature was created by a senior artist we had the honour of working closely with. The late Sri Rajamaran Kandamaran whom we dearly miss as a person and as an artist.

Drawing your attention to the design, don’t miss the expression of the driver and the car tottering at his hands! To be frank, I wanted to say something clever for the caption, but settled on the actual message because of the gravity of the possible consequences.

Why should we dish out such advice? Well, at Chennaigaga, we feel that it is necessary to endeavour to give back something for the support and appreciation we enjoy from all those who like our Chennai themed t-shirts, gifts and souvenirs. Even if only a handful of people appreciate this artwork and take the message, it might have saved many people a fair amount of trouble!

It’s the weekend, and with lockdowns being eased and restrictions being lifted, we can make merry and socialise, but let’s do so responsibly. With call drivers and designated drivers being a thing, there’s more acceptance than effort required here.