From conversations with our customers

When people approach Chennaigaga, they usually know what they are looking for, or at least, they have an idea as to what is the offering from the brand -- Chennai themed products. Sometimes, we also get folks who chance upon the brand and are interested enough to move from one design to the next to know more and stay engaged.

Quirky designs are a hot favourite with many. While there are those who look for classy designs and simple souvenirs, most others are delighted when the design message tickles their funny bone. We have experienced this first hand earlier, when we had our physical store. Captions like ‘Idly Dosai Vadai Repeat’ would be read out and chuckled at. The Veshti versus Lungi theme would also start conversations.

The rather staid artworks were appreciated too but often in silence. It was usually the image that caught the eye and the text caption next. Once they took a fancy to the design, they discussed tshirt colour availability with us.

From our side, certain designs were suited only to specific products. Like the Tamil caption ‘Rowthiram Pazhagu’, which was designed to only be on a t-shirt. It read correctly only in the mirror as one regarded oneself, or on selfie mode in the camera. This aspect in design was also to provide a different and feel-good effect since the message means to convert negative into positive. The Tamil letters are art in themselves and the way our designer Sahasra uses her technique, this short but strong phrase turned out to be a becoming tee. Then there are those designs like the Idly Dosai and others that go well as captions on a variety of products.

One of our versatile designs is our ‘Madras Machaan’. The week this t-shirt style was newly launched, we had a customer enjoy the depiction and then ask us whether the ‘machaan’ motif in the artwork was one of our team members! We at Chennaigaga then turned to look at the said team member and realised with amazement, what a striking resemblance he had with the figure of the Madras Machaan depicted here. From then on, that observant customer’s cue was followed. We often asked other customers (once they had taken a liking to this tee) whether the ‘Machaan’ looked familiar. It was a lot of fun all around. That the resemblance was absolutely coincidental despite being uncanny, was quite the high point. Here's the link to the t-shirt:

We hope you have some time to flip through some of our other designs at chennaigaga. We are a fully online store now at