From the Founder’s Diary – The Beginning Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog post, inspiration struck by way of random thoughts and a specific wondering. I couldn’t wait to get back and begin my souvenir hunt in namma Chennai. I was looking for the regular, utility souvenirs that the world offers everywhere – fridge magnets, t-shirts, etc. I knew our city already had handicrafts and other beautiful items that were part of our tradition and arts for long. While that is awesome, I felt we could make some affordable, everyday products that could be bought without much thought. A happy and easy connect would do it. For some reason, I as an individual, was simply gaga over the apparel: T-SHIRT. That it is an absolutely perfect garment for Chennai weather is a happy coincidence.

A few days after I returned from that vacation, I visited some shops across Chennai and noted that THERE WERE NO CHENNAI-THEMED TSHIRTS OR SOUVENIRS. I spent a few days feeling utterly shocked by this realisation before coming out of that stupor to see if I could do something about it. Even the one or two products I came across seemed to be half-hearted attempts and I was not satisfied.

I decided I would do something about it. I broached the idea to a few friends. It was like a lightbulb moment for them too! Our city famed for so many elements did not have a simple souvenir range. So, being on the right track, we got around to it quite fast. Right from figuring out ‘How to name it?’ to deciding which products we wanted to offer, it has been an invigorating experience with no dearth of FUN. Coining a brand name is one of the most fun exercises ever, by the way.

(On that note, if you ever need a brand name created for any enterprise or venture, do contact us! Our creative juices are always in flow mode.)

After listing out around 26 possible names, CHENNAIGAGA was decided upon, because the sound of it conveyed extreme enthusiasm and also had a nice ring to it, we thought.

The mantra Go Gaga over Chennai! followed naturally enough.

6 months later, Chennaigaga was launched as a Uniquely-Chennai t shirts and souvenirs brand.

Hope you liked our little story of The Beginning of Chennaigaga.