Gratitude Corner

At Chennaigaga, we are a small business and we do work with many constraints, but we have much to be thankful for. Over the years, we have worked with many good people and our customers are just awesome. There’s more to be grateful for, as we will share in the upcoming posts, but another noteworthy thing is that our gratitude begins in-house. Right from our first employee, we have mostly had a fabulous set of people work with us.

Abrar Ali Khan joined the Chennaigaga team with the pre-condition that he would be with us only for eight months. He was due to pursue a Master’s degree in the US of A and so, he couldn’t commit to a longer period. We needed a trusted and able manager to run the retail store when it was located at Besant Nagar between 2012 & 2015. We agreed to his condition because we were still new to retail and needed someone with good communication skills, and who was efficient, sincere  and affable. 

Abrar took a very short time to pick up the necessary ropes and slipped into his role as sales person slash store manager with aplomb. He handled customers with care, had great instincts and could operate the shop all on his own. Moreover, he was a favourite with both customers and the other team members at Chennaigaga. 

This might sound like a recommendation note, but the fact is, in the short span of just over half a year, Abrar became a part of the Chennaigaga family forever. He still models for us from time to time, and this picture posted here is of him wearing ‘A heart that says Madras’ t-shirt. It is from a shoot we did the year after he left us and returned to Chennai on a break! The photography is by Gautham and Basha.    

Incidentally, Abrar also gave his inputs to this design during finalisation of the artwork, which was executed too. Nithila was our designer for this one, and she was very deft at translating our concept briefs into bankable designs. 

Hope this design from our evergreen collection strikes a chord with you too. Does your heart also say "Madras"?