Huh? Enna? What?

The question translated says ‘What?’ And in Tamil, it is “Enna?” which is what we have on this t-shirt. This idea originated amongst a string of concepts that our designer Vishakha came up with. It held immediate appeal for us especially because of the hand gesture that accompanied it.

While many people in daily life construe it as a challenging sort of gesture, which it sure is, this hand expression is also very common and also often involuntary. There is a certain attitude attached to it. True blue Tamils relate to it so well because we have all used it at one time or the other if not all the time. The way this gesture expresses the sentiment, no words need to be spoken and it would still be understood as ‘What?’ by others!

Initially the artwork had some arrows which showed the path of how the fingers were formed into a question. This design was brought out in the days before Covid, when people travelled a lot and we received many visitors and tourists from all over the world. The arrows might meant something to them. But the Chennaigaga Team somehow realised that the chord it would strike with locals, Tamilians and Indians would be quite different and the arrows did not make too much sense.

In fact, not including unnecessary elements enhanced the artwork and gave it the swag it now holds. The other thing about this artwork is the way it stands out against almost any background colour. We have brought it out in a variety of shades over time from black, to grey to red to khakhi and now in a unique shade of blue that is catching the fancy of many a visitor to the website.

We have heard our women customers chuckle to each other that they would surely wear it to the gym and we have another customer who went on a long hike and trek and sent us a picture wearing this t-shirt. As a brand, what more can we ask for?

Enna is one of those tshirt styles with an immediate connect. One glance is all it takes.

Enna? Do YOU like this motif?