KYSC – Know Your Super Chennaiite

Meet Rithu S. -- Assistant Commisioner of Police, Central Crime Branch, EDF

An engineer turned police officer; ACP Rithu was interested to pursue a career in public service. 

Being a police officer - Expectation Vs Reality – How has it been?

“I find it extremely satisfying to be a police officer as I always wanted to be in public service. I was in Law and Order before and that was a different and gratifying experience. I am now in the Central Crime Branch which addresses white collar crimes.”

Law and Order-wise, what would you like to see in Chennai?

“The situation changes all the time. Crime is a part of society. A good preventive approach is most recommended.”

In daily life, what makes you excited to show up to work every day?

“Work in the Police Force is different every day. We get different challenges and we learn new things every day. On another note, women police officers are usually held in high regard and this is also a point of encouragement.”

How do you gauge people? Are there any specific signs you look for?

“This is an ever-changing area and experience helps a great deal. It is a lifelong learning.”

Do you love Chennai? What do you love the most? And, what is your pet peeve?

“Chennai is definitely one of the best cities to live in. The heart of the city remains the same and we have retained our roots. My only complaint would be the weather, of course.”

Which is your favourite Chennai spot?

“ECR scenic highway.”

Favourite Food in Chennai?

“Dosai and Vadai.”

Your favourite workout / sport?


Chennai vs the rest of Tamilnadu – what would you say is Chennai’s USP?

“Chennai is quite clean in comparison to other cities and the beach is a great USP.”

Do cinema-type rowdies and villains actually exist in real life?

“Yes and No. They are exaggerated in the movies and we cannot stereotype them in reality.”

One change that you want to see in Chennai?

“More development.”

One thing about Chennai you would not want to change?

“The people. We maintain our traditions and that also shouldn’t change.”

Can you share your thoughts about self-defence for women?

“It is high time that we learn some form of self-defence or the other. Women should have some basic SOP in place. The Tamil Nadu Police Department has also provided the Kavalan App and the helpline numbers for women and children have been widely advertised, so every woman should keep herself informed of these channels already in place in order to safeguard themselves. They should first know that they can reach out. This is the first step.

The second step is self-defence.”

Chennaigaga extends heartfelt thanks to Super-Chennaiite ACP Rithu for her time and for being a part of the KYSC series.