Love is in the air

That heading is just an attention-grabber. For our purpose, we focus on loving what we do and doing what we love.

And then, there are gifting solutions. Gifts for yourself or for your near and dear, the thought that you put into the gift makes all the difference. At Chennaigaga, we hope we have covered some important aspects of gifting. We have gift wrappers that are very-Chennai and colourful. The products themselves made ideal gifts – both when you’re buying for yourself, as well as when you’re gifting another.

Coming back to loving what we do, we conceptualise our designs with best efforts to remain original in thought and artwork. That gets the creative juices flowing. Giving the imagination freedom is what makes for a meaningful creative process. On the creativity front, there is also the aspect of words that make a caption. Some of these could be classic and self-explanatory, and some could be witty or even wicked. But the content needs to capture a niche in style and thought.

Once the design is created, we need a medium to execute it. Being a fairly straightforward business of t-shirts and souvenirs, we began with a basic knowledge of output. If we wanted a certain quality, we needed to work with a certain profile of vendors.

The ‘how’ came much later. We are as fascinated as the next person at the whole process of t-shirt making for example. We start at the point where a certain colour fabric arrives on the table to be made in to t-shirts. However, the part before that is the procuring of cotton, to spinning the yarn, to knitting the fabric, and then dyeing and treatment.

Once we have a certain colour fabric in hand, we plan the design, or the other way around -- we look for the t-shirt fabric colour that would best showcase the artwork in question. We have worked both ways – adopting either of these approaches, based on various factors. Then comes the cutting of the front panels of the t-shirts followed by the printing. The finishing, checking, packing, are all done meticulously in order to serve up the t-shirts and we at Chennaigaga, cannot be thankful enough to all those whose work goes into the making of this comfort apparel. We have just outlined what goes on with the t-shirt, but attention is also to be given to the printing of our designs on mugs, coasters and other products.

Our interest and focus transfers to the finished product. We realise this now and it is a lesson in loving what you do, because it shows.

We had a call recently from our customer of nearly a decade, who told us that if not for our t-shirt quality and experience, she would not keep coming back to us for more.

We are grateful for her feedback and it just makes us worship our work more.

Thanks for reading. Do browse the site to check out our designs.