Madras Melodies

Chennaigaga was created to fill the gap of ‘regular’ souvenirs not being available in Chennai, a city that’s so rich in culture, traditions, its people, music, all arts, cinema, its coastline and cuisine. The Gateway to South India needed the kind of souvenirs and gifts that one could pick up from countries and cities all over the world!

Once launched, the brand began the journey to celebrate the myriad elements that Chennai is famous for. Chennai is the hub for Carnatic Music and come December, the city lights up with its Carnatic music season followed by the dance fests. Thousands of people from all over the world – Carnatic musicians and enthusiasts alike, make their way to the city that cools down considerably by that month in happy coincidence. The city’s traffic jams increase, the mood is high, the temperature is low, and the city is festive with the magic of music in the air.

For the first time in 2011, Chennaigaga launched Carnatic Souvenirs, and it was the first initiative of its kind for Carnatic Music. We went ‘general’ rather than ‘specific musician-merchandise’. We wanted to highlight the beauty of the ensembles that come together to lift the city and its people into a different level, swirling up in the air that gets filled with Ragas! We brought out a set of coasters that highlight different instruments commonly played in sync at Carnatic Music concerts.

We also designed a mug-specific artwork with each instrument named so as to render the best souvenir version possible. We hoped it would please Carnatic music lovers and also those for whom this branch of music is foreign.

About the design:

Once in a while, a caption arrives before the design. One that just can’t go out of style. It transcends ‘chennai’ gaga because it’s more about being music-gaga.
Chennai and Carnatic Music - a beautiful connection.
But the caption is ‘Madras Melodies’.
When it has to do with music, it has to have a ‘ring’ to it, no? 
These glass mugs at hope to deliver the ideal Carnatic souvenir.