Making work fun

We at Chennaigaga realised somewhere along our journey that creativity is not just a task. It can be a lot of fun. It is exhilarating to create something new, something from scratch, with a purpose that others give validation to by buying from us. When our customers see the value, it makes all the difference to us. Creative steps include concepts and colours, envisaging the message and why we are conveying it in the first place. Does it create emotional connect? Is it worth the sentiment? Does the design convey the message? These Chennai themed t-shirts and souvenirs have to capture the hearts of Chennai-lovers.

Then come the colours. The challenge is that a design often presents one effect as a standalone image but when you transfer it to another medium depending on which product it is, it can become a different animal altogether. That’s when we have to get creative all over again. The design gets tweaked, edited and adjusted until it shows off well on the chosen medium.

They say when you love what you do, you won’t have to work another day in your life. We appreciate the message behind this as it does put the larger picture in perspective. However, the work won’t get done by itself! The thing about the work you take up is all about your attitude towards it. It helps to be purposeful about the simplest tasks. So, even if we are just gift wrapping a product for the customer who has requested it for example, we take it seriously and look at it from the perspective of the one who is gifting it as well as from that of the receiver. Removing price tags, packing the item safely and adding a message if need be, are all seemingly mundane tasks but not if you could see the smile of the person who gets the gift and the smile on the giver’s face to know that his gift was pleasing and appreciated. It takes a lot of mindfulness to make work fun.

As for the mess we end up creating first in order to get to the perfect final product, that calls for another post altogether!