Mug Shots

Many of our designs have been adapted to coffee mug-artworks.

Do view the video link inserted here that goes with this blog post.

Featured in this video are some unlikely mug creatives.

Even the least likely themes for coffee mugs have found customers going gaga over them -- for example, the first design in this video link where we have shown a couple of guys. One is wearing a Veshti (Dhoti) and the other is wearing a Lungi and of course, we have done a fun take on it captioning it ‘Namma Haute Couture’. It was originally only a T-shirt design but then as we were introducing new mug designs, we also slipped this one in, and found many people enjoying the creative. Next, our beautiful central station in a very simple depiction and colour layout. As a customer said, it looks simply gorgeous on a coffee mug.

Aleka is a Tamil word which comes under the Madras Baashai category and it means ‘smoothly’, which is a great word to describe a particular sight. We have seen it on Chennai roads and on many Indian roads, in fact. There are two autos travelling close together and on closer observation, we will see that the engine in front is not actually running and the second auto’s driver has his leg extended to push the auto in front -- possibly because he has run out of fuel! It is such a peculiar and amusing sight that at Chennaigaga, we decided to adapt it as a caricature. The expressions on the two autorickshaw drivers is self-explanatory! They do have contagious grins, don’t they?


A customer recently asked us why we do not have a design dedicated to tea drinkers? Chennaigaga is very much a customer-driven brand and we are here to partake in the enjoyment that our family of customers find in our brand. And so, we got around to a different sort of tea drinkers’ T-shirt. We thought we would make it ‘local’ and of course, we definitely wanted to include the proverbial tea glass. We coined the caption ‘Oru Tea Sollu’ (with design inputs from Bhavani A.) and replaced the word ‘tea’ with a tea-glass. It might seem sort of redundant on a coffee mug, tea drinkers are sure happy with it. We think the selling point is the glass of course!


There is a funny quote on the internet that we came across. It says:

“Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.” – Mitch Hedberg.

While a chuckle is definitely our reaction for this, the love of rice overtakes all else. The caption ‘rice is greater than roti’ is therefore more of a sentiment than a statement. This is another unlikely design for a coffee mug but still works because of the message. At Chennaigaga, we want to offer unique creatives and we do have customers who would want only T-shirts and others who prefer mugs and we would not want them to lose out on some of these fun artworks.

‘A heart that says Madras’ needs no explanation and no introduction as what you see is what you get!

We went about taking some photographs of Namma Chennai and then put them all together in a collage to make a perfect Souvenir or keepsake for our travelling customers and visitors to the city. We’ve named it the photos collage mug. 


Any true blue Chennaiite knows the charm of Besant Nagar Beach also known as Elliot’s Beach and their time spent there is a mixture of nostalgia and a favourite all-time go-to spot.


Then comes the shopaholic mug. Well, from time to time, we do indulge our whacky side and the design Chennai Shopaholic is an example of this. We are quick to follow it up in this video with a social message which we strongly believe in and hope it resonates with everyone for a safer environment.

This is by no means the comprehensive collection of our mugs; we do have more than 110 mug designs!

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