Namma Chennai Spot On!

Here is a photo of a fairly new landmark off the Marina Beach taken very recently …close to dusk.

Being a brand all about Chennai, it was a happy moment for us to behold it. Chennaigaga was launched in 2010 to fill a gap. As astounding as it may be, the fact is that Chennai did not have enough ‘regular’ souvenirs like the ones available in most cities all over the world and so, the brand Chennaigaga was created to cater to the need for nostalgic memorabilia for Madras lovers and proud Chennai enthusiasts. We have been happily celebrating Chennai all day every day since 2010 as creatively as possible!

For all those visiting Chennai or based in Chennai and travelling a lot, we felt we could begin to do justice to the emotion that is namma ooru (our city), by launching creative designs printed on affordable and high utility products like t-shirts, mugs, magnets, etc.  These would serve as souvenirs, keepsakes, gifts, mementos or even travel comforts since most of our t-shirts are cotton and comfortable. Our products are also suitable for all ages and make great gifts for friends and family alike.

We were super excited to see this ‘Namma Chennai Selfie Spot’ up close and personal at the Marina Beach! It was installed on Kamarajar Salai opposite the Queen Mary's College and unveiled in January 2021. In typical Chennaigaga’s ‘gaga’ style, we admired it. First of all, we loved the combination of Thamizh and English where Namma is in Thamizh and Chennai is in English, and appreciated the beauty of the dot above the ‘mm’ in ‘Namma’ ie நம்ம, happily noting how they had made it work! 

We also loved the way the letter ந flowed onto the H in Chennai in the typical ‘one stone two mangoes’ style we love! All in all, a smart spot indeed! 

Our mantra is Go Gaga over Chennai and that is what everyone can do at Marina Beach now!