Of Designs and Stories - series

“Someone who thinks I’m awesome got me this T-Shirt from Chennai!”

Design Story: Your search for the perfect gift has now ended. How do you tell someone that you think they are awesome without actually telling them? Well, you can now convey it with this T-shirt that’s captioned to make an apt gift. As far as perfect gifts go, this one is light on the pocket and the best sentiment too!

Tee Story: Comfortable as only cotton can be, in a lovely blue with perfectly-blended print colours to enhance the message.

Unique Design. Universal Souvenir Gift. Call us if the person you gift it to doesn’t smile when they read the caption! 

Madras Days

Design Story: Remember when you played a game of counting how many people were in the car with you? Those were the days when everyone in the family and neighbourhood got together in one vehicle for a fun outing together. Whether you were driving within the city, or setting out on a long journey, everyone’s baggage found space and everyone’s relatives could join in - one car for all(!) or so it seemed! So, can you still hear the sounds of laughter and jolly times? Those Madras Days.  Designed by late Sri. Rajamaran, a  wonderful caricature artist who grasped our concept of nostalgia to a tee! (Pun intended. Get it?)

Tee Story: A popular light melange in grey, this smooth t-shirt is all about lightening your mood while keeping you comfortably nostalgic. 

Unique Design, Exclusive Caricature, Emotional Connect with a city that’s still fondly remembered by its old name - Madras!

I am #Chennai

Design Story: The first time this feeling was evoked was in the year 2015 when the city of Chennai experienced very heavy rainfall and floods. The city came together as one.  The ones affected were helped unconditionally by the ones not affected as badly, and there was a feeling of oneness and solidarity throughout Namma Chennai. We at Chennaigaga wanted to capture the sentiment forever in our collection and so, this design that said “I am #Chennai“ was created. Our designer Yash, patiently worked to get the look just right and brought out the elements of this simple tee to make it bold and beautiful. 

Tee Story: A fitting T-shirt in a soft cotton with simple and effective print colours. Slim fit.

Unique design with a meaningful sentiment.