Of Designs and Stories - series

Ideas and concepts come and go. For an idea to remain and be implemented, we need to see value and the connect with sentiments. A single concept can give rise to many ideas which may in turn be implemented differently with one being quirky and the other not. No guesses as to which categories the following two belong:-

Naan Romba Local 

Design Story: 

What’s common to Tamilians and Chennaiites? Namma Mother Tongue, of course. And while there are many ways to speak it with twangs and slangs and flowery words, one unique and fun thing about the Thamizh spoken here in Chennai, is the very-popular ‘Madras Baashai’. It’s just a very local thing. Better put, it’s Romba Local! 

Naanga Romba Local thaan. Neenga? 

Tee Story:  Just like you don’t really want to be subtle when you say you’re Romba local, the colour that does justice to such a proclamation, is red. Screen-printed in a combination of yellow, white & black which stand strong against the base colour, the T-Shirt fabric remains a cool cotton, undisturbed by the feisty caption. 

Unique Design, a keepsake for நம்ம  லோக்கல் மக்கள்! (Namma local makkal)

I Love Thamizh 

Design Story: Chennaigaga is proud to have been the first-ever to introduce Thamizh-themed typical souvenirs. We began our celebration of the Thamizh language with this quirky representation of what Tamilians feel for their தாய்மொழி (mother tongue). Being a Chennai brand, we understand the implications of thoughts and language mixing through history and so, we decided to keep it simple. I love Thamizh is the sentiment and it had to be written in Thamizh. We asked our designer Sahasra to try and make the font as beautiful as the language. So she gave it the twirl required to blossom into a design font that never goes out of style!

Tee Story: There are colours and there are colours, but red and yellow will always stay in vogue as this is a combination of strength and positivity! It’s a cotton T-shirt with a simple and strong yellow print. 

Unique Design, Trendsetter T-Shirt. For the love of தமிழ்! (Tamil)