Of Designs and Stories – series

New Madras

Design Story - A peppy, happy design celebrating some iconic elements of namma Chennai complete in her current avatar of a bustling, ever-developing metro. 

Tee Story - Screen printed in smart colours on a true blue, this cotton t-shirt is all about good looks and great comfort.

Unique Design, Ladies’ Fit, Apt for your own wardrobe and also as a souvenir gift. 


Design Story - Here’s a tradition and design theme at Chennaigaga, that will never go out of style! Kolams are drawn typically on the ground often with rice flour or chalk powder, at the entrances to homes.  Ranging from simple to complex in patterns, it is regarded as an invitation to prosperity and is a delightful everyday art form.  The Kolam is a form of art that combines both physical and mental effort. Our designer Nithila has rendered a kolam that’s a perfect nod to this neat art form that brightens up our living spaces every day. 

Tee Story - Black is beautiful and so is the Kolam. It’s no coincidence that these two have come together to give the Chennai- lover something to smile about. Cotton Tshirt, screen printed in simple and smart colours. 

A Kolam celebration, unique souvenir, ladies’ T-shirt. 

Barcode Chennaiite 

Design Story - Chennaigaga is the first-ever to brand the Chennaiite on a t-shirt. Being a brand for all those who love the city, we thought celebrating the சென்னை வாசி (Chennaivaasi) was integral to the celebration of namma city. To celebrate the Chennaiite, we wanted a unique identity and our designer Swamynathan captured it in a simple, yet effective artwork that’s meant to always stay in vogue. Now wear your identity right here or in any faraway part of the world!

Tee Story - Black and white is a combination that enjoys universal appeal, and the white print colour brings out the brilliance in simplicity just as we intended. Cotton T-shirt, screen printed. 

Unique Design, a celebration of the Chennaiite. Ladies’ Fit. One of the favourite firsts that Chennaigaga loves to boast of.