Vinayaka. Ganapathy. Ganesha. Pillaiyaar. These are just a few of the names he is called by. 

He's not a God; he's THE God. Not one Hindu custom commences without paying due homage to and worship of, the deity of Lord Ganesha - the 'Elephant God'.

The son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, he is believed to be the Remover of obstacles and the God of all beginnings. He is the supreme, auspicious power.

In Chennai as is true in so many towns and cities across India, you may not go even as far as down your street without encountering a little (or big) Ganesha idol. Many independent houses and apartment complexes consider him auspicious enough to make space for a tiny temple or enclave for a Pillayaar idol with daily worships undertaken. Lord Ganesha should always be within reach, you see. 

Lovable, revered and worshipped beyond any other Hindu deity, is Lord Pillaiyar.

The Chennaigaga Team couldn't help but come up with a little twist to the oh-so-popular exclamation from across the globe - O.M.G. or 'Oh My God'! This versatile phrase can be used to express a wide variety of emotions be it shock, amazement, surprise, delight or horror, and we tweaked it a bit to read OH MY GANESHA!

Lord Ganesha is arguably the ‘cutest God’ with his elephant head, round tummy, and benign expression. On a childish level, he is too cute, and on all other levels too, he brings out the adoring side of a devotee, who waits to envelop him at any given occasion, into his/her arms and heart.

Cute was the overpowering thought when we considered a Pillaiyar t-shirt and that’s how this kids’ t-shirt design was born at Chennaigaga.

While 'cute' is the word for him on a kiddo level, there is no question that he’s revered and worshipped to the extent that there's no life or living without him. Hailed as the problem-solver and obstacle-remover, this Ganesha t-shirt is likely to be favourited just like the God it is a tribute to.

Pillaiyar is the Tamil name for Lord Ganesha.