Oru Tea Sollu.

We and we people - We are the kind of people who have deep love for many things, although we may not always be expressive or flowery about it. For us, deep love is also in the simple, everyday things.

The first rays of a very hot sun,

the chirping of perky birds early in the morning even in the heart of urban life, the sound of bubbling decoction in the filter or the hiss of tea powder boiling in a swirl of milk and water,

the clang of stainless steel vessels,

the aroma of a neighbour making kurma first thing in the morning(!),

the rustle of the morning newspaper,

assorted gentle stirring of the neighbourhood punctuated by a barking dog,

the excitement of spotting a flower in your terrace garden,

the sound of a child’s laugh… the list is long and the love is deep.

The day gets moving as do you, on the streets as you step out, and a common sight you come across anywhere and everywhere, is the crowded tea shop. The proverbial tea kadai. You see people standing beside these tea kadais sipping steaming glasses of tea -- sometimes in solitude and deep thought, and other times in animated conversation with others.

At first, we at Chennaigaga celebrated the south Indian filter coffee with aplomb, relating it to the weather, and Carnatic Music (the Kaapi Raagam) or just as the powerful beverage as only Kaapi can be, until our customers brought to our notice that tea-lovers had not got their due from Chennaigaga!

We got to it at once, consulting only Tea-lovers to bring forth a design that’s simple and from the heart. The design features the much-loved tea glass in a widely-common style that holds freshly-brewed tea which so many people hurry to hold close and safe in their hands. It’s not just tea. It’s a magic potion. Don’t believe us? Well, next time, observe a tea drinker before and after that tea glass has been emptied. Observing them during their tea time is fun too! Oru Tea Sollu is Chennaigaga’s first tribute to Tea aka Theyneer.

So, ……Oru Tee solliteengala?