Our Aspiration

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

When we started this venture and named it Chennaigaga in 2009, we were filling a gap which few had realized and no one else had acted upon. Chennai, the culturally happening city, the capital of Tamilnadu still remembered by its former memorable name Madras, the gateway to South India if you will, did not have souvenirs. Do read that again. Fact.

Yes, people could take back products from Chennai as souvenirs but we had no range of globally-common souvenirs like t-shirts, mugs, magnets, etc. Enter(ed) Chennaigaga. When we first launched the initial line, newspapers and radio stations, NRIs and locals shared with us their thought that THIS was what was missing in namma Chennai. Chennaigaga struck a chord with everyone just for being a dedicated brand of t-shirts and souvenirs celebrating the city.

In 2010, some people asked us for how long we could be creative, making new designs on Chennai, and we didn’t have a ready answer. Now, we do. For ‘as long as the world turns’ – is our answer. Chennai is evolving in many ways, the city has grown, but tradition has deep-rooted itself, cultural activities are being celebrated more enthusiastically and the city is also becoming more broad-minded as a society.

Thamizh Cinema has Chennai as its hub and is evolving rapidly with some gems of movies being produced. Conventional and unconventional cinemas both draw crowds here.

Carnatic music has Chennai as its international hub. The season of mridhangams and violins, veenais and tamburas every December, is when thousands from across our universe fly in to Chennai to soak in the Margazhi moments and chatter nineteen to a dozen over filter coffee and steaming tiffin and meals. Bharathanatyam performances are given more at this time of the year too.

Having launched a brand that touched people’s emotions, we now strive to innovate every day to get ahead of what true blue Chennaiites, Tamils and nostalgic NRIs need.

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