Rowthiram Pazhagu | ரௌத்திரம் பழகு

Presenting an important takeaway for life. Rowthiram Pazhagu. 

Short meaning: WINNING against your ANGER!

Rowthiram means anger or rather, a reasonable or ‘right’ type of anger. The phrase is a part of Puthiya Aathichoodi written by Mahakavi Bharathiyar. Many Thamizh phrases are very hard to convincingly translate with the complete meaning intact, but we will try. 

An example: When someone says something that hurts us, perhaps highlighting a weakness of ours, we feel anger. Anger takes up a lot of energy. So instead of bursting out with it, we should hold back, absorb the anger, save that energy, and convert it into positive energy which would lead to our improvement. 

If that’s not an awesome thought to ponder over, what is!

At Chennaigaga, our themed t-shirts are carefully thought out and none of our designs are random choices. Given the overwhelming content out there, in order to pick captions for our products, we do much sifting. Short and catchy captions are always in vogue on mediums such as t-shirts, but keeping the words relevant and meaningful has always been important to us.

Concept and design being our strong point, our designer Sahasra created the words in her flourishing style and then, we decided to flip the text with a deeper intention to make it a ‘Note to self’ so that it reads right in the mirror, or on ‘selfie mode’ on the camera. On Chennaigaga’s youtube channel or Instagram reel, you can see a glimpse into the making of this tee – how we tested out the print colours before settling on a shiny red that somehow changed its hue once the fabric absorbed it.

It is a screen printed t-shirt with painstaking labour involved, precision placement, checked and packed. From time to time, we do highlight some behind-the-scenes snippets on our insta page so that Chennaigaga’s followers can get close to the process and understands where we come from. A perfect workout or WFH t-shirt, the flattering black does its bit to hide as well as show you off at once!