Beat the Chennai heat with our cool t-shirts! A SALE has begun! Here are some classy designs and their stories, that are on offer:

Ookamathu Kaividel

Design Story - The meaning of 'ஊக்கமது கைவிடேல்' is: Don't ever give up. Don't stop putting in your best efforts. Be and stay motivated. Origin: The Aathichoodi by Avvayyaar. We love to keep our designs original and creative, and Sahasra is a designer who feels our sentiment. Using graceful strokes, she produced this style of Thamizh font with a flourish, making the design appealing and irresistible.

Tee Story - A 'touch-feel' high-density print. Tamil themed t-shirt.

Unique in design, colour, print texture, font. Thamizh.

Rowthiram Pazhagu

Design Story - This is a very powerful quote by the famous Thamizh poet Subramania Bharathi - popularly known as Bharathiyar. The phrase “Rowthiram pazhagu” can literally be translated as “Practise anger”, but the ideal is that the righteous anger that one may feel at the sight of injustice or wrongdoing must not go in vain. It should be converted into positive energy. Keeping the anger within, working on it and transforming it to good energy is the essence of Rowthiram Pazhagu which is a great ‘Note to Self’. Keeping this angle in mind, we decided to give it a twist and turned the design into a ‘mirror’ or selfie mode. Reads right when you face a mirror. Now, you can wear your Note to Self!

Tee Story – Some artworks demand a bold black, and red is the print colour that best suits a powerful statement like Rowthiram Pazhagu. Cotton t-shirt.

Unique Design, Mighty message, Tamil theme.


Design Story - A 'sound expression' on your T-shirt just for fun. Maybe it's not really a word. But it's versatile. When you're happy and you know it, when you're annoyed and they know it (!), when you're amazed and we know it. It's beyond language and it has no borders. And here, it's a T-shirt caption now. Apt for Corona times.

Tee Story - A soft navy blue with a bold reddish screen print. Universal Theme.

Unique artwork. Fun T-shirt.