The Chennaigaga Team on themes

Ideas are aplenty but not all ideas can be implemented. For every design idea that crops up, we usually have a long discussion about it. Whether the design concept has wide appeal, whether it is practical, whether the creative quotient is high and whether the artwork resonates on an emotional level.

Here are a couple of fly-on-the-wall shares from the Chennaigaga Team:-

Minutes of a Coffee Meeting – An inside story

Coffee-Lover to Colleague: Here’s another new design.

(This was our fifth coffee-themed artwork)

Colleague (irritated): What?! Yet another coffee design? No way.

Coffee-Lover (whiny): Why not? It’s what everyone wants.

Colleague : Not EVERY one. But it’s what YOU want, for sure.

Coffee-Lover: Ok, fine, but most people DO love filter kaapi.

Colleague: Ohk, so how many t-shirts can you sell in this nth kaapi design now? C’mon tell me the number.

Coffee-Lover (now sheepish): I’m sure it will sell. Till now, all coffee designs have had takers.

Colleague (grumbly-ly): FINE. But this is the LAST one, ok?

Coffee-Lover (unconvincingly): Mmm. Ok, for now. Thanks.

End Result – a Design titled ‘Powered by Filter-Kaapi’ following ‘Ok, but first kaapi’, ‘Kaapi keeps me going’, ‘Chennai Kaapi Hot n Happening’ and ‘Chennai – Hot, it is’!

Coffee always wins!


Minutes of a Think Tank meeting – Brainstorming!

The concept was to be a design centred around the Chennaiite. It had to be something more than just the title ‘Chennaiite’ which design, had already become a bestseller at Chennaigaga.

We thought we would explore what goes on in the mind of the Chennaite. What does a typical Chennaiite fill his or her mind with? What goes on in the brain of a Chennaiite?

We got an outline of a brain done as an artwork and proceeded to jot down everything that reigns supreme in a Chennaiite’s head. The weather, food, drink, cinema, cricket, music, money and so on. We captioned it the ‘Think Tank’ Chennaiite.

It was fun noting down the various thoughts and the entire artwork is quite quirky and might not appeal to everyone, but it does have a loyal fan base.

Vijay Sethupathi was seen wearing it in the movie Kavan!