Veshti versus Lungi

Subject: Namma Fashion. Menswear.

Chennaigaga takes celebrating Chennai and Thamizh as well as Thamizh makkal, very seriously. Apart from our wonderful heritage and happy customs, we have some dear old and very beautiful landmarks to celebrate. We also have many outstanding achievers who are Chennaiites / Tamils, and who deserve to find a way on to our souvenirs. Our celebration of the city would not be complete without them.

While we are on that road, we also love the common men and women like you and me whose home is Tamilnadu. There are so many day to day aspects about us that are worth highlighting in our designs, to showcase our swag and own it like never before. We start with the attires for men. We have taken two clothing items to discuss here – the Veshti, which is a long, white wrap-around worn with a variety of shirts or kurtas, and the other is the Lungi (made over-the-top famous by the ‘Lungi Dance’ song), which is a checked cloth often based in blue, worn as nightwear or very-casual wear, and is often matched with a vest, shirt or t-shirt. The Lungi is not as much a wraparound as it is a step-into vast skirt which men knot up at the waist in a simple, yet brilliantly functional move.  

In both cases as with saris, one size fits all! Beauty, eh?

A section of men wouldn’t be caught wearing lungis outside their homes, whereas the veshti is more of a traditionally-accepted, formal attire fit for all serious events. But most men do love to step out of trousers and in to their lungis whilst outside of their work environments.

With a tongue-in-cheek nod at the haute couture or ‘high fashion’ that is always in the news and talked about everywhere, we brought out our own version of hot fashion in our collection. Hope it helps you to go more gaga!