We love what we do.

When we first started out, there were voices that said, “Chennaigaga is a great idea! But how many designs can you keep creating for the same theme?” The truth is, we didn’t have an answer then. We just kept going and before we knew it, we had crossed a decade and were busy, furiously churning out new concepts and designs. And then we realised that there’s no end to creative ideas … as far into the horizon as we can see! Chennai is after all, more than just a city for us. It is not only an emotion, but is also often regarded as the gateway to South India if you will, and has many aspects that are unique and worth celebrating!

We are also a largely customer-driven brand. Without bragging, it would be safe to say that we have always listened when the customer spoke. Our customers have guided us on the designs that delight them, the fit they prefer, the patterns they like, the colours they would rather see in our collection, and we are happy to state that certain captions and artworks are inspired directly from customer feedback! Our point is, when our customers take time out to speak to us, the least we can do is to hang on to their words and do our best to do something about it.

Reverting to the myriad elements about Chennai that are worth celebrating, we have found in the last decade, that every aspect connected to Chennai has immense creative possibilities and we are often stuck with having to make tough decisions about which concept to pick and work on, in order to see it through to the implementation stage. While we didn’t have an answer in 2010 as to how much further we can go on the ‘Chennai’ track, we now have an approximate answer. The possibilities are endless!

We have the old Madras recall that serves as a source of nostalgia, the new Chennai avatar to celebrate, the journey from Madras to Chennai, and everything in between! Humour and quirk occupy important spots in our creative palette too.

“Creative juices are necessary to hydrate the soul.” This is our takeaway.

We look forward to more and more creatives to add to our collection going forward, and hope our customers continue to enjoy the output.